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It’s been a long time since I posted anything, I am a bit behind.   Helen and I went up to the Flinders Ranges and met Tony and Heather on their way back from their big WA trip.  The SA bush is very lush at the moment, the photo below was a shot of the roadside vegetation just outside Parachilna; Helen said she would be proud of such a display in our front garden.

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Friday 8th October at the Morialta Uniting Church Hall was promoted as a time for Wild Frontier to reconnect with some of its past dancers.  We had about 80 dancers attend for the even, and it was nice to see a mix of the old and the new, we even had 13 dancers attend  from our learners class which is about  2/3rds of the class.

Peter Jeanette & Frank 

After the usual one hour of plus for beginners, we moved on to the main event, starting with pre-dance drinks (for those who had been dancing, the others just had pre-dance drinks after pre-dance drinks) then followed by mainstream dancing.  Jeff as usual did not let our learners  rest, even though he called dances down to their level, he called at a furious pace, raising a sweat from the experienced dancers and stressed anxious s looks from out learners.

Past president Jan Woodget  was one of the old faces, having been president of the club way back in the 80’s  Another stalwart   Alan Brandford gave his signature  call.  Unfortunately too  many of the old faces were missing, however a non stop slide projection of old photos reminded us of past dancers.

Jan Woodget

Alan Brandford

It was nice to see Kevin call a hoedown and correct all the mistakes the dancers made.  He did not (but probably should have) suggest they attend the Thursday night learners classes to brush up on their mainstream).

When looking at all the old faces on the screen and in photo albums brought along for the night, it is sad to see past faces lost due to illness and others  who have just dropped off the face of square dancing,  Our pastime does have a very high fall out rate and we need to ask ourselves why this is so.

Dawn (now married to Graham Elliot of Adelaide Outlaws) next to Alan Brandford with Neil (2nd bloke from thee left – wearing flared pants?) are in this line-up

Most square dancers are enthusiastic at the beginning and enter the pastime with gusto for a few years.  After this time they seem to fade away.  I think we should try to ensure that each dance is a new experience, rather than more of the same, perhaps then our retention rate would improve.

Square Dancing IS FUN

It is hard enough to attract dancers.  Chrissy of Silver Spurs Square Dance Club in Barnstaple England has not had any enquiries from people wishing to learn.  This is very disappointing considering the British Square Dance Association has been actively promoting our pastime in the national media and her club has been promoting the activity locally.  It is therefore most important that we keep our dancers happy and enthusiastic.

It was nice to see Doug get down on his knees for Julie

I, like all the others who attended the dance, had a great night, may there be many more to come.  Speaking of great nights, we have one in the making,  this is a reminder for you to join the group going to Manum to meet the NSW dancers cruising along the River ?Murray – see Lois, Jenny or Jeff.

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