Wild Frontier Charity Night

Our charity night was a great success.  The Strolling Tones entertainment was excellent.  They are a group of amateur singers (with a sense of humour) who have been touched by Cancer one way or another.  They have either had cancer themselves, lost a loved one or have a friend with cancer.  They spend their time raising money for cancer research.  This year they have raised many thousands.  On our night we raised another $750.00 to add to their kitty – well done!

We had songs from someone who looked like a Rusty Springfield, we had Batman in an Elvis suit, they literally bared their soul in the colorectal surgeon song.  We also had someone who looked like a lame Edna who as a finale, with all members of the cast gave a good rendition of We Are Australian.

Afterwards the Tones and members of the audience all had a good laugh trying to do that stuff we call square dancing.  All in all, a successful and thoroughly entertaining evening.  Well done the Strolling Tones, Jeff and the committee members who helped organize the show – and the food mmmmmmmm.

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