Wild Frontier’s 2010 Christmas Breakup Dance

You regular visitors to this site know that you just click on the pictures to make them bigger (and click again for huge) 

The penultimate club dance for 2010 was held on  Friday 17th Dec prior to our Christmas break.  I say penultimate, because the last dance for 2010 was programmed for New Years Eve.

This dance was held at our Chapel Street venue the night after the Mannum dance, in fact when leaving Brigalow Avenue after that dance we all joked see you later today.

However on this night, quite a few failed to make it; those that did appeared somewhat weary; our resident Father Christmas Rod also looked a bit worse for wear having had a hectic day at work. 

Who was so tired they left their lights on?

Some dancers brought their children and grandchildren along to see Father Christmas, but we did not have the usual Friday night crowd, only 50+ people arrived and, instead of the usual 5 squares for the plus workshop, we only managed 3.

Yes he is sitting down April’s not THAT tall!

Never the less, those that did attend had a great time and it was nice to se the kids doing the birdie dance and going up to father Christmas to receive their small gifts. 

Little kids doing the Birdie Dance

Big kid doing the Birdie Dance

Father Christmas and his helper had a great time giving out the presents to the little ones, some were very very young, some wer shy or very very shy.

Ta Father Christmas – look mum Iv’e got my goodies

Young 11 Months

Youngest 17 DAYS old and at a square dance!


Even shyer!

We do have some wierd people at our club, just look at the following photos, no wonder Jeff gets worried at times, he is afraid it might rub off on him!


These two are worried they might make a mistake

This bloke reckons I am using the wrong shutter speed

This bloke rides in a fire truck wearing that hat

But at least they are a happy mob.

To all who were involved with arranging the dance,  well done, and an especial thankyou to Father Christmas and Jeff for his great calling.

From me, thank you all for your friendship, thanks for a great club, thanks to the committee and a special thankyou to Jeff for his great calling and dedication  and patience- he just keeps it all happening for us.

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